Aviatrix Strategies

The newest Aviatrix game, similar to Aviator Spribe, is a unique crash game that provides a novel experience for NFT and blockchain technology fans. The game allows players to participate using their aircraft, which serves as an NFT. Read on to find out the best Aviatrix strategy to help you big win.
Helping you win

About Aviatrix

The main difference between Aviatrix and the other Crash games is the list of features. First and foremost is the Built Plane Mode, which is only available while playing for real money. Players may design their own NFT aircraft and enhance it to gain additional experience points.

Game ProviderAviatrix
Release DateOctober 2022
CompatibilityMobile devices and computers
Min. Bet$0,1
Max. Win10,000x
Languages40+ languages

Place your wager in Aviatrix and prepare your aircraft for take-off or use the automatic play. You can halt the win multiplier at any time after it has begun and withdraw the existing reward. The prize you can win increases with the high of your trip!

Aviatrix game algorithm

The outcome of each round (the “Fly away” multiplier in the game) works on provably fair technology, and this makes it hard for anyone to tamper with game output. Furthermore, anybody may examine and certify the game’s fairness. By clicking on the completed flight, you may examine the fairness of each round. In the newly opened window, you will see the server seed, three pairs of player rounds, the combined hash, and the round outcome.

The game runs on a random number generator. Therefore, Aviatrix game algorithm means that a string of losses might begin at the most inconvenient time, wiping out the progress made from prior successful wagers. Even if you are an expert at the game, remember that you must learn the rulers of the game in order to win.

Operation of the game algorithm

Best Betting Strategies for Aviatrix

Nobody can guarantee that the player will win 100% in Aviatrix. However, to be able to make a lot of money while minimizing your chance of losing, you may choose a strategy, keep your head clear, avoid greed, and always be ready to push the “Cashout’ button.

The top three strategies

Minimum Odds Strategy

Using this Aviatrix strategy, you will not earn much money, but you will not lose a large amount either. If you tried the game in demo mode, you may have noticed that the plane always passes the 1.1 mark. The essence of the strategy is to withdraw money as soon as the plane takes off and get 1.1. Do not wait for high odds and you are guaranteed to win real money.

Martingale Strategy

This strategy can help you recover money in case of loss. But you need to use it carefully and always stop in time. Failed? Double your next bet to make up for the loss. For example, if you loose $2, bet $4 in the next round. You may win and get your lost money back.

Double Betting Strategy

In Aviatrix, you have the opportunity to place two bets in a round. Take advantage of this opportunity to win more. Make 2 bets at the same time and if you are lucky, you can win and cash out a large amount of money. The advantage of two bets in the same round is that you can bet different amounts, such as $2 and $5. It is also possible to bet the same amount. Withdraw one of the bets with minimum odds. Then, even if the second bet loses, you will still win.

Winning Tips

In addition to the strategies, there are some tips for players on how to win Aviatrix:

  1. Before playing, establish the budget and follow it.
  2. Learn the rules of the game before placing bets. This will help you avoid embarrassing mistakes.
  3. Risk money you can afford only.
  4. The potential payment is higher with the time you are in the air, and the risk also rises. So evaluate the risk and don’t be greedy.
  5. Use the demo mode if you are a starter in playing crash games before spending real money.

Play responsibly and use tips and strategies to win as much as possible and lose as little as possible. The excitement of flying is the focus of Aviatrix. Catch your luck and have fun!

Helping you win